In XXI century we are all affected by dynamic cultural and social movements, caused by, among other things, rapid technology development. Those inevitable changes made an impact also on a domain that is close to all of us – on scuba diving.

Many new ideas and bottom – up initiatives are rising in the european dive societies. This breath of fresh air in fossilized and often distant structures may be seen in the outburst of new training agencies. They are far more flexible, allowing instructors to mould training standards for accurate diving conditions and modern times. They are also interactive, with an eclectic approach and openness to previous experience and achievements.

Huge number of new training agencies may threaten positive and important experiences collected in different conditions throughout different times. To achieve our goal – combining past experiences and knowledge gained over the years in different places and conditions and possibilities given by flexible and fit for changes training policy we want to invite dive professionals under the aegis:

International Diving Federation

IDF in its declaration of opening brings together instructors from different training agencies who want to set up new and evolved standards and procedures.

We respect and accept your previous experience, achievements and position in the first training agency and invite to build and act within organized and formal training agency that brings together dive professionals. By the synergy of action and experience we go all out to make diving appealing and safe for all divers all over the world. We lay great emphasis on safety and rescue skills, according to our rule – SAFETY FIRST!
IDF features training programs based on the highest quality and safety standards developed from the newest research. Developed from current data analysis considering training, safety and expectations present in the diving industry.

All dive professionals are welcome to join IDF and conduct courses and certify divers accordingly to our standards based on years of experience and latest research. Divers are welcome to gain higher qualifications and skills during adequate training with one of our dive professionals.

For all those, who are unsatisfied by their place in a line, disappointed by rigid and inaccurate programs and fed up with one direction communication joining IDF may result in a cooperation based on an open and healthy relation within one training agency.

IDF stands for building a bridge rather then a wall!