Scuba Intro
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First step into scuba diving. Short course consists of limited theoretical session and one dive on shallow water. It is dedicated for those willing to try if the underwater realm is their “thing”.
Open Water Diver
Open water
Dive course for the beginners, with combined theory and practical sessions, allowing the participants to plan and conduct safe dives to the maximum depth of 20 meters.
Night Diver
Night and limited visibility diving course, where main focus is put on procedures and alternative methods of communication underwater.
Navigation Diver
Underwater navigation course, where participants gain ability to plan their way during the dive with more advanced navigation techniques.
Rescue Diver
Rescue Diver course, with more advanced and useful rescue and self rescue techniques, also allowing the participants to plan and conduct dives to the maximum depth of 30 meters.
Deep Diver
Deep diver
Deep diving course allowing to plan and conduct dives to the maximum depth of 40 meters.
Master Diver
Master diver
Highiest level of initiation in recreational diving and also a gateway to technical diving. This course allows participants to plan and conduct dives with limited air decompression, with depth limit 50 meters.
First step for dive professionals. During a Divemaster training candidates learn to guide fun dives for certified divers and assist during the courses. It also qualifies to conduct dives to the maximum depth 50 meters.
Dry Suit Diver
Dry suit
Dry suit diver course enables participants to enjoy diving even in the winter season, no matter how bad the weather is. Dry suit divers are also capable of using their suit for trimming and as a buoyancy compensator.
Nitrox Diver
Course that allows to conduct and plan dives using enriched air 22% to 40% oxygen.
Twinset Diver
Twinset diver course is focused on effecient management of popular double tanks and understanding what rules make this configuration safe and well fitted.
Side Mount Diver
Side mount
Side Mount Diver course focused on emergency and rescue procedures, gaining perfect trim and strealined position.
Ice Diver
Course that allows to safely plan and conduct under ice diving, while using special tools and safety procedures.
Full Face Mask Diver
Full mask
Full face mask diving course.
Underwater Photographer
Underwater photographer
Underwater photography course allowing to bring knowledge and abilities on a new level.
Underwater Filmmaker
Underwater filmmaker
Underwater filmmaking course, allowing to bring knowledge and abilities on a new level.
DPV Diver
Course allowing the participants to use dive propulsion vehicles (DPV).
Wreck Diver
Wreck diving course, focused on use of specific tools, techniques and procedures fitted for wreck diving conditions.