Open Water Diver

Why should you start this course?

It's useless to count all the reasons! How inappropriate to call our planet Earth, while it`s clearly an Ocean? Only 30% of the surface is not covered by water. Would you like to get 1/3 of your meal in a restaurant, 1/3 of your drink and 1/3 of your salary? No? So why do you limit your world to the 30%? Scuba diving gives you the access to the 70%! Underwater you will find a completely different world, with astonishing life forms, vivid colours and breathtaking beauty. It doesn`t really matter if you are moved by wonderful and colourful reefs, gloomy wrecks with their tragic history or you prefer calm and green depths of our lakes. Water has stolen many hearts and for many people the open water course became just a beginning of a great adventure!

What will you learn?

Course is divided into three different and complementary parts that provides you the skills and knowledge. The first part is theory, where you will learn how diving and breathing with compressed air affects our bodies, what kind of rules apply underwater, how we can plan and conduct our dives safely, taking in account different environmental conditions, decompression obligations and our gear.
The second parts takes place in confined waters, in comfortable and safe conditions where you learn new skills. You will get acquainted with dive gear and you will learn to breath and to regulate your buoyancy until obtaining the neutral one. You will also practice many skills that will be necessary during the open water sessions.
The third part takes place on open waters. You will do real dives and master your newly gained skills in real conditions. After this course you will have appropriate skills and knowledge to plan and conduct safe and pleasant dives with your buddies.

What next?

Your adventure has just started, so the options are limitless. Consider the Night Diver and Navigation courses, just to gain diving skills useful not only in our polish waters. You can also take care of your thermal comfort and learn to dive in a dry suit or start taking amazing underwater pictures that you can show your friends and family. Adventure awaits!


- minimum age 14


diving in open water in no decompression limits to the maximum depth 20 meters

Open water