Advanced Ice Diver

During the Ice Diver training you already experienced charms of ice diving in a harness and with a safety line and get aquainted with logistics.
You were probably astonished by a wonderful play of lights and charmed by winter diving.
You would like to dive under the ice not worrying about the lenght of a line connecting you with the surface and limiting your freedom. You mus remember that it is a navigation, not depth, that causes the greatest challenges during ice diving. To dive safetly you must focus your attention on navigation. During this training you will learn to apply advanced line techniques from cave diving. Now you can set your own limits, without safety line and harness!


- minimum age 18
- Rescue Diver
- Ice Diver
- Twinset Diver or Side Mount Diver

Graduates are qualified to:

Ice Diving with a advanced line techniques and a use of reels and spools, without safety line and harness.

Advance ice