Wreck Diver

Wrecks have stolen hearts of many divers. Imagine massive hull of II World War warship, lying peacefully on a sandy bottom. You swim in a green water above all decks and seek for lost tokens of tragic history of this vessel. You imagine how this warship looked years ago, sailing on high seas, filled with voices of young soldiers. Wreck diving has a strong influence on our imagination and many divers all over the world travel to distant places, like Truk Lagoon or Scapa Flow to see world famous wreck sites. On the other hand, not many divers are aware that our Baltic Sea is also well known cradle of wreck diving. With history as stormy as its dark waters, Baltic`s bottom became a cemetery for thousands of different ships. Now we can explore the past during our dives. There are still many treasures hidden in salty waters waiting to be found...


- Night Diver
- Navigation Diver


- wreck diving with penetration within the daylight zone