Advanced Wreck Diver

You have probably dived on many wrecks and get astonished by their gloomy beauty and often tragic history. Maybe you were charmed by huge hulls, or maybe you prefer to seek for small details hidden in spacious decks. Probably you started to sneak inside dark holes, leading to the interior. You may often wonder, what lies beneath those corridors and what you would see inside, in eternal darkness.
Not many cargos are still full with treasures like silver and gold (but such wrecks still exist!), but even in those popular among divers, you may still find many interesting items and artifacts. You may feel a desire to visit those wreck inside and take a closer look at all the stuff left by passengers – sunglasses hanging on the wall in a ferry, a pile of ammo from the II World War or maybe you want to see your own reflection in the mirror in a bathroom on the second floor of Italian liner?
Thanks to this intensive course you will be able to plan and conduct a penetration dive to explore the inside of a wreck. You will learn an art of line laying and creating a safe way out in case of loss of visibility and to plan the required reserve of gas, necessary to get out safely while sharing air with your buddy. During course dives you will also master your propulsion abilities, useful in narrow spaces and work on making your dive equipment as streamlined as possible. Even if there are some similarities with the cave diving courses, you will be able to spot all the important differences between those two diving environments and learn why techniques and procedures from one of them may not necessarily work in the other...


- minimum age 18
- Advanced Nitrox
- Wreck Diver


- wreck diving with penetration within the daylight zone

Advanced wreck