Cave Diver

Not so long ago the cave diving was considered inaccessible for regular divers. Now, when times are changing, even recreational divers can try diving in overhead environment.
It doesn`t mean that cave diving became less dangerous – it is still the most demanding type of diving, where proper training and skills are essential. During Cave Diver course you will practice and master all necessary elements in controlled and safe conditions, under the supervision of the experienced instructor. You will learn how to plan and conduct cave dives in different kinds of caves and caverns, with fixed guidelines and without restrictions.
If you find cave diving exciting and feel a desire to go further and explore the unknown, there is more training to be done – from Full Cave Diver to the most prestigious Expedition Cave Diver course.


- minimum age 18
- Deep Diver
- Rescue Diver
- Twinset Diver or Side Mount Diver


- non decompression dives in tourist caves and caverns, without restrictions and with fixed guidelines
- graduates can enroll in Full Cave Diver course

Cave diver