Full Cave Diver

Many divers consider cave diving the most demanding and hardest type of diving. Planning and conducting dives in overhead environment is much harder, due to lack of possibility to ascend directly to the surface. Poor, or even complete lack of visibility and narrow spaces require not only mastered diving skills on the highest level but also proper psychological approach.
During Advanced Cave course you will learn how to dive in caves without fixed guidelines and you will master your skills in laying and retrieving lines. You will also practice passing through restrictions – extremely narrow passages. During theory sessions you will learn rules of planning safe dives in overhead environment, you will get acquainted with geological structures of caves, line laying and adjusting dive gear and configuration to match conditions perfectly.
During course dives you will learn how to navigate in complicated caves with multiply passages, you will practice using “jumps” and working as a team and you will learn how to behave in emergency situations. You will also have a chance to polish your rescue and self – rescue skills to raise your self awareness.
Who knows, maybe your passion for cave diving will grow and make you dream about exploring new systems as an Expedition Cave Diver?


- minimum age 18
- Cave Diver
- Side Mount Diver


- non decompression dives in caves with restrictions and without permanent guidelines

Full cave