Expedition Cave Diver

Expedition Cave Diver course will take you far beyond cave diving tourism. This course is designed to fulfill the expectations of the most experienced cave divers, who desire to go further and start their own exploration projects and dive in extremely demanding conditions, far beyond classic cave diving tourism.
During the multifaceted training you will learn the art of mapping cave systems and creating adequate plans that help formalize projects within cavers and cave divers societies and create a data base of maps and plans. You will learn speleo line techniques to help you to cross safely the dry parts and transport all the necessary equipment. You will also learn to plan logistics of cave diving in remote areas, how to search for the new entrances and what to expect inside by analyzing the geological structure of surroundings. The capstone of Expedition Cave course is advanced and sophisticated rescue training in distant parts of the cave, including transportation of the injured diver through the syphons.
After that you will be the only one limiting your cave adventures boundaries!


- Full Cave Diver
- Advanced Nitrox Diver


- exploring dives to the maximum depth and with gases according to the certifications

Expedition cave