Advanced Nitrox Diver

Technical diving opens new horizons and new possibilities. This course is designed to meet the expectations of all divers annoyed by limits of recreational diving and these, who want to learn how to plan and conduct decompression dives.
The optimal composition of theory sessions and course dives will build up your competences and personal comfort and give you the abilities to enact dive plans unavailable for recreational diver. After Advanced Nitrox course you can also attend other technical diving courses, for example the Extended Range, where you learn how to plan and conduct deep air dives with different decompression mixes. Then you can enroll in Trimix course and learn to handle helium breathing mixes and in all overhead training.


- minimum age 18
- Master Diver
- Nitrox Diver


- decompression dives to the maximum depth 50 meters, with one stage containing decompression gas (nitrox to 100%)

Advanced nitrox