Extended Range Diver

Deep air diving is a natural step in technical diver`s evolution, according to the rule that cutting corners is not an option in quality training. During the course you will learn how to handle a few deco tanks with different decompression gases and how to plan a dive with an air as the bottom mix. That makes Extended Range a natural bridge between Advanced Nitrox and Trimix level. You will also gain access to the maximum depth of 55 meters, limited only by the partial pressure of oxygen in the air. You will also discover how to recognize the symptoms of famous rapture of the deeps and how to work efficiently under the influence of gas narcosis.
Are you ready to pick up a gauntlet?


- Advanced Nitrox


- decompression dives to the maximum depth of 55 meters with multiply deco tanks filled with different decompression gases (nitrox to 100%)
- Graduates can enroll in Full Trimix Diver course

Extended range