Master Diver Instructor

Have you reached your limits as a Scuba Diving Instructor? Perhaps your students want to upgrade their qualifications and skills? Would you like to add more advanced courses, including Divemaster, to your offer?
If your answer to any of these questions is “yes”, it means it is high time you made another step in your career. Master Diver Instructor is the experienced professional who is entitled (after completing proper and formal training in adequate speciality courses) to train divers on both recreational and technical levels. It is also the highest instructor grade you can obtain, because Staff Instructor is entitled to train new scuba diving instructors. You may also consider joining this elite instructor trainers group in your future career.


- minimum age 21
- Scuba Diving Instructor


- independent training on levels: Master Diver, Divemaster
- graduates can enroll in Staff Instructor course - further education on levels: Gas Blender Instructor, Technical Instructor (Advanced Nitrox Diver Instructor, Extended Range Diver Instructor), Full Trimix Diver Instructor, Cave Diver Instructor, Full Cave Diver Instructor, Expedition Cave Diver Instructor, Advanced Wreck Diver Instructor, Advanced Ice Diver Instructor, SCR Diver Instructor, CCR Diver Instructor

Instructor master