Behind the threshold of the 21st century, we are all subject to dynamic cultural and social changes, resulting, among other things, from the extremely rapid development of technology. These rapid changes have also left their mark on diving.

IDF, as a federation of professional diving instructors, responds to these changes by creating a modern training system that emphasizes safety – both for the diver himself and for the natural environment in which he spends so much time. This system consists of:

  • Standards of training
  • Training programmes
  • Training materials
  • Online examination system
  • Quality control management



IDF, with particular emphasis on security, has become a corporate partner of the Divers Alert Network (DAN) – the world’s largest diving insurance agency, whose mission is to deepen the knowledge about the impact of diving on the human body. In pursuit of its overarching motto – Safety First – IDF has placed elements of rescue in the programmes of all courses.

Through the synergy of activities and experiences, we ensure that diving is consistently perceived as an attractive and safe form of activity, where the emphasis is placed on safety and practical rescue skills at all stages of training.

If you are just entering the world of the “Big Blue”, who care about the comprehensive knowledge provided in an effective and modern way by professionals, we encourage you to start your adventure with diving or continue your diving career within the IDF system.

Experienced divers who want to turn their life’s passion into a profession are always welcome. They will be able to work as an instructors under the auspices of a professional, reliable and modern federation as long as thet can take part in an instructor training conducted by one of the IDF trainers.

The IDF, in its declaration of openness, allows instructors from other federations to join its ranks, with a cross-over procedure. It`s based onĀ  unifying training methods and familiarizing them with the training system.

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