Diving Scapa Flow


Scapa Flow is one of the best places for wreck diving. Divers from all over the world are attracted here by the wrecks of the World War I German fleet, which rest at the bottom of the bay in the Scottish Orkney Islands.

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Italian Valentines Day for cave divers


Are you a cave diver? How would you like to spend Valentine’s Day?
That’s right! The most romantic thing possible is a trip to Italy, where in the evening you and your significant other will eat spaghetti on “Lady and the Tramp” style and before that spend the day on cave diving. If you want to have your cake and eat your cake, then welcome to sunny Italy!

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How to stay fit in times of cholera?


Closed swimming pools, travel bans, restrictions, quarantines. You can go crazy, especially since we start the new year with an epidemiological problem. For us – divers and instructors, or all other active people many of these restrictions are extremely tiring. How not to go crazy, not to end the pandemic with a record score on the scale and the need for rehab? Our reliable office has some advice for you!

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DIY Nitrox Analyzer


The start into the diving year 2021 is not an easy one. In many areas, we have lockdowns or even curfews and cannot meet our buddies to practice our sports. In addition, its the winter season, eventually our waters are covered with a thin ice layer  – too thin for ice diving but at same time too thick for regular diving activities,. Here, we propose a nice and easy project to keep you busy during these difficult times: Build your own low cost Nitrox analyser:

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Everyone is an instructor!


Is teaching others just for instructors? Do they have the exclusive right to develop habits, approach to water as an element, teaching the appropriate procedures, showing the correct configuration of the equipment? Finally are they solely responsible for what path of development this ever-growing community of recreational and technical “scuba divers” will take?

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