Hungarian weekend with Attila


Warmer and longer days encourage weekend trips out of town. Have you ever wondered how to combine: visiting historical monuments, wonderful restaurants and diving in transparent and warm waters, and all this will not be thousands of kilometers away from you? Ladies and gentlemen, we present you Budapest.

Hemingway, pirates and piƱa colada


One of the green jewels in the chain of the Caribbean Islands. Surrounded by the blue sea and blessed with sunshine all year round. A place of beautiful cars, colorful houses, a pirate hideout and Hemingway’s house. The homeland of Fidel Castro, and above all, a great diving site full of picturesque reefs and caves. This is the Cuba.

“Dahab” means “Gold”


One of the most popular dive sites in the world. The cradle of recreational and technical divers. Diving in Dahab is a “must be” for anyone who loves to spend time underwater.

Diving Scapa Flow


Scapa Flow is one of the best places for wreck diving. Divers from all over the world are attracted here by the wrecks of the World War I German fleet, which rest at the bottom of the bay in the Scottish Orkney Islands.

Italian Valentines Day for cave divers


Are you a cave diver? How would you like to spend Valentine’s Day?
That’s right! The most romantic thing possible is a trip to Italy, where in the evening you and your significant other will eat spaghetti on “Lady and the Tramp” style and before that spend the day on cave diving. If you want to have your cake and eat your cake, then welcome to sunny Italy!