The illusion of safety


Diving with partner certainly is the preferred way of diving. It is described as a safe form of practicing this type of sport. But is this certainly a true statement?

The underwater Balkans


Cave expeditions are the specialty of Sebastian and Daria of the Calypso Diving Club, and the Balkans in June have already entered the permanent repertoire of their diving outings. Challenging dives, little-known caves and advanced cave and trimix training provided us with excitement this year as well.

Saturation diving


Man’s love affair with diving has been going on since the very beginning of our species. Numerous pearl divers or underwater hunters evolved over time into divers in underwater bells, with cylinders or even in bathyscaphes. However, the exploration of underwater depths still had an insurmountable wall despite the development of various diving techniques. This obstacle was the time…

Cave Diving: When the Darkness calls…


Why am I cave divier? In response, let me quote Reinhold Messner, who, when asked why he walks in the mountains, replied “because they are”. Well, that’s why we dive in caves… because they exist.