IDF is a dynamically developing training agency, present in many countries around the world.

If you are an active instructor, conducting courses with highiest safety standards, you would like to optimize the costs when paying contributions and fees, ordering materials and certificates for your trainees, you should consider cooperation with IDF – give yourself a chance to succeed, contact us and find out what we have for you!

  • Will all my qualifications from my previous agency be recognised in the IDF?

  • Is the IDF scheme respected worldwide?

  • Is it possible to continue in another federation the training started in the IDF?

  • Is it possible to continue a training started in another agency in the IDF?

  • What CCR units are available in the IDF?

  • Is it possible to introduce other CCR units into the IDF?

  • In the case of family trainees, is it enough to buy one manual for all?

  • Are clubs/centres required to pay an annual contribution to the IDF?

  • Can non-IDF instructors purchase and use IDF manuals in their training?

  • How much does an IDF instructor submit per year?

  • How much does an IDF Divemaster submit per year?

  • Who can cross-over to the IDF?

  • What is the cost of cross-over to an IDF?