Diving has come a long way trom the times of the pioneers who pushed the limits of human capabilities, from scientists who sought answers to emerging questions to inventors who created increasingly sophisticated equipment for exploring the depths.

From a tool used by bridge builders and the military, through a method that allows biologists to discover new species and conduct research under water, to recreation accessible to ordinary people – a method of spending free time for the whole family or rehabilitation for disabled people. It is not surprising that diving is so popular – after all, where others come across a wall, for divers there is an open door to a completely new wonderful world.

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IDF is a dynamically developing training agency, present in many countries around the world. If you are a diving instructor who conduct training guided by professionalism, safety has the highest priority for you and you would like to optimize the costs of annual fees, training materials and certificates, you should consider cooperation with IDF – give yourself a chance for success, contact us and find out what we have for you!

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Under the surface of the water there is a completely different world – enchanting with the biodiversity, bright colors and breathtaking beauty.

It does not matter whether your heart will be stolen by vibrant coral reefs, gloomy wrecks, with their tragic history, or calm and green lakes. The water has already stolen many hearts and for many people the basic diving course has been the beginning of an extraordinary adventure!

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Diving is your passion and you can feel real satisfaction when sharing it with others? Maybe you are tired of your work and would like to change your professional life with something that gives you real pleasure? Or maybe you just want to gain a second profession and combine your hobby with work? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should check out our instructor training courses.