To ensure the smooth, professional functioning of the IDF has a hierarchical structure, which consists of:

  • The Board
  • Advisory Council
  • Regional Managers
  • Instructors
  • Divemasters

Board of Directors – the highest authority of IDF, whose exclusive competence is to manage IDF. The composition of the Board of Directors is appointed and dismissed by the authorities of the company owned by the International Diving Federation.

Current composition of the Board of Directors:

Sebastian Dobrowolski


Board of Advisors – an advisory body consisting of all Regional Managers.

Regional Manager (Regional Manager) – a person responsible for the development of IDF in the area entrusted to him/her, covering one or more countries. Regional Managers are appointed by the Board from among Course Directors. Regional Managers are members of the Board of Advisors.

Instructor – an individual who is authorized to conduct courses in the IDF training system and has an active instructor status.

Divemaster – an individual holding an IDF Divemaster degree, conducting activities in the field of underwater guidance, assisting Instructors in training courses, participating in Scuba Intro programs.