Imagine the absolute freedom that only marine mammals such as happy seals or singing whales have ever enjoyed. A freediver can join this group of eternally free sea creatures, experiencing the full magic of the great blue. You don’t need any equipment, because here there is only you – and the ocean.

You’ve probably seen more than once the wonderful Oscar-winning movie “The Big Blue”, which took us into the world of freediving legends, two extraordinary people in love with the ocean’s boundlessness. Their adventures became an inspiration for hundreds of people who, moved by the beautiful sea surrounding the Sicilian Taormina shown in the film, also wanted to immerse themselves in this completely different, beautiful world.

Unlike diving with equipment, freedivers rely on training that increase the capabilities of the human body and enable longer, more comfortable and deeper dives. In freediving, nothing separates the diver from the water. Thanks to freediving you will be able to move to reality from the legendary movie and get to know the ocean from a completely different, much closer and more intimate side.