The IDF Freediving - Level 3 course is dedicated to people who have an intermediate level of knowledge and skills in freediving and would like to continue their education in this discipline.

Why take part in the course?

This is the highest level of initiation training in the IDF freediving system and it is intended for experienced freedivers who have completed level 2 (or equivalent in another organization).  A freediver at IDF Level 3 is a person who represents a high level of training, both in theory and practice. It is also often an active athlete who knows how to participate in competitions at national and international level.  A Freediver with IDF Level 3 qualifications is, above all, a technically excellent, mastered, trustworthy and safe diving partner, who is able to enjoy the maximum pleasure of staying under water while sharing this passion with others.

What next?

The opportunity to develop your freediving workshop as an educator and trainer by taking an instructor course.

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