Why take a course?

Diving in winter, when the lakes are covered in ice, can be fun. The bubbles of air trapped in the ice and the rays of the winter sun passing through it make it most interesting and pleasant to dive very shallow, just below the surface of the ice. The use of special procedures makes such dives very safe when everyone follows the same rules. During the IDF Ice Diver training you will learn how to plan a dive under the ice and organize the whole, quite complicated logistics so that a dive trip is also a great fun. This training is also an opportunity to see what a dive under a physical ceiling looks like in very controlled and pleasant conditions.

What will you learn?

During the IDF Ice Diver course you will spend time in both theoretical and practical classes – these will take place partly on the surface and partly underwater. During the lectures you will learn about the physical properties of ice, how to assess its thickness and thus the safety of people who will be on the surface. You will also discuss issues related to logistics and preparation and security of the dive site under the ice, including cutting out the ice. Additionally, you will learn what emergency procedures should be followed to ensure that the entire dive is always properly secured.

In the practical part of the course, you will take care of the preparation and protection of such a dive site, you will learn about the tasks of surface protection and methods of providing help from the surface. During the dive you will practice the methods of entering and leaving the water from the hole, transmitting signals by means of a rope and using an ice harness. In addition, the exercises will also include all methods of self – rescue and dealing with emergency situations, including losing the safety rope.

What do you need to start?

  • Minimum age: 18 years
  • Sufficient swimming ability
  • Health condition to participate in the course
  • IDF Advanced Open Water Diver certificate or equivalent

What is the course?

Number of dives
Number of dives
2 ice dives with a cumulative duration of not less than 50 minutes
Depth range
Depth range
The depth on any dive must not exceed 10 metres
Theoretical classes
Theoretical classes
Lectures using training presentations and IDF audiovisual materials
Online test filled in electronically after logging into the student's panel

What will you be entitled to after the course?

The IDF Ice Diver course entitles you to dive under the ice with the use of a safety rope to the depths specified in the course.

IDF certificate

Upon completion of the training, you will receive an internationally recognised certificate confirming your qualifications. It is a plastic card with a unique number and watermark. In addition, you will have lifelong access to an individual panel on the IDF website, where your certificate will always be available in electronic form - in case you ever forget to take the original with you for diving.

What next?

Diving under the ice on a special safety harness is only one type of dive under a physical ceiling. Thanks to this harness and special procedures it is available much earlier than the others – like cave diving or inside wrecks. It allows us to get used to the existence of a barrier that makes it impossible to immediately emerge and see if diving with such a significant limitation remains comfortable for us.

Experienced divers with the appropriate level of training can take part in the IDF Advanced Ice Diver course, which allows to plan and safely perform an ice dive using appropriately modified techniques taken from cave diving.

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