Why take part in the course? 

If you already have enough experience in ice diving and on closed-circuit rebriders, and you want to gain more freedom during your ice dives, the IDF CCR Advanced Ice Diver course is just for you. It will allow you to dive under the ice without harness and safety line, which you know well from your previous recreational ice training. At the CCR Advanced Ice level, you will learn to use specialized tools and techniques derived from cave diving and adapted to the specifics of the „under- the- ice” environment. They will provide you with a sufficiently high level of safety, while at the same time allowing you to cover longer distances under the ice and setting your own routes.

What will you learn?

During intensive and demanding training, you will master all the necessary techniques for planning an ice dive, some of which will be modified techniques derived from cave diving. You will learn the typical hazards of an ice dive and how to prevent them in the planning process and how to configure the equipment to meet the most important requirements. During training dives you will practice the use of specialized tools, such as sand sabres, which will allow you to lay a guideline even in difficult terrain. Along with your dive buddies you will also learn how to use a guideline and how to handle emergency situations, including towing an unconscious dive buddy to a hole.

What do you need to start?

  • Minimum age: 18 years
  • Sufficient swimming ability
  • Health condition to participate in the course
  • IDF CCR Diver certificate or equivalent for the rebreather model on which the training is to take place
  • IDF Ice Diver certificate or equivalent
  • Minimum 50 logged dives (with a minimum total time of 50 hours) performed using the rebreather model on which the training is to take place, including at least 20 ice dives

What does the course look like?

Number of dives
Number of dives
6 dives in sea or ocean waters with a total time of not less than 360 minutes, of which at least 4 dives should be penetration dives
Depth range
Depth range
The depth during the course should not exceed 40 meters.
Theoretical classes
Theoretical classes
Lectures using training presentations and IDF audiovisual materials
Online test filled in electronically after logging into the student's panel

What will you be entitled to after the course?

Upon completion of the IDF CCR Advanced Ice Diver training, you will be eligible for rebreather ice diving using the handrail rope to the depths specified in your current license.

IDF Certificate

Upon completion of the training you will receive an internationally recognized certificate confirming your qualifications. It is a plastic card with a unique number and watermark. In addition, you will receive lifelong access to an individual panel on the IDF website, where your certificate will always be available in electronic form - in case you ever forget to take the original with you for diving.

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