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We care about your privacy and we want you to feel comfortable when using the services offered on our website. Therefore, below we present the most important information about the rules of processing your personal data and cookies that are used by our Website.

This information was prepared according to the GDPR, i.e. the general data protection regulation.

This Policy applies to all activities performed by the Administrator as part of the Website, as well as in connection with it.


Our Website, like most websites, uses cookies. These files are saved in the memory of your device (computer, telephone, etc.).

Our cookies are used in order to:
- memorizing information about your session,
- statistical which allows us to develop the Website, and especially the Services provided,
- marketing - thanks to this we display ads tailored to your interests and needs,
- providing the function of the Website, including the possibility of using our Services,
- proper, and more efficient, ie faster and easier for the user, operation of the Website.

Cookies do not change the settings of your device.

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In addition, you can find the appropriate tips on the following sub-pages, depending on which browser you use:
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If you do not disable the use of cookies in your browser settings, this means that you agree to their use.

In our Website we use two types of cookies, i.e .:
- session - remaining on your device only when using the Website,
- permanent - remaining on your device as long as their lifetime is set or until you delete them.