Why take a course?

Technical diving allows you to exceed the limits set by the non decompression limits for recreational diving, reaching new worlds deeper and further away than before. The IDF Advanced Nitrox Diver course is an excellent way to take the first steps in technical diving, while learning all the necessary skills and gaining the knowledge to understand the processes that divers are subject to when diving beyond the no-decompression limits. This training will prepare you comprehensively for new challenges and allow you to start a completely new stage in diving.

What will you learn?

During the intensive training, which includes both theoretical and practical activities, you will enter a new stage of diving. Through lectures on decompression theory, you will learn what models you can use to plan your technical dives, controlling the level of conservatism in a fully conscious manner. You will learn many methods to be able to use more than one of them to make sure that the plan is right and meets the expectations of the whole team, covering not only one scenario where everything goes well, but also emergency scenarios. During training dives you will learn how to operate underwater with a decompression gas side cylinder configuration. You will also learn the procedures, such as those related to gas change to ensure your safety during the dive. You will also practice reacting to potential emergency situations so that you can react confidently and with experience in real life situations.

What do you need to start?

  • Minimum age: 18 years
  • Sufficient swimming ability
  • Health condition to participate in the course
  • IDF Nitrox Diver certificate or equivalent
  • IDF Master Diver certificate or equivalent
  • IDF Twinset Diver certificate (if the course takes place in the back mount configuration)
  • IDF Side Mount Diver Certificate (if the course is in side mount configuration)
  • Minimum 100 logged in dives, including at least 20 dives in depths greater than 30 metres

What is the course?

Number of dives
Number of dives
6 dives in open waters with a total duration of not less than 240 minutes
Depth range
Depth range
At least two dives must take place in depths between 45 and 50 metres
Theoretical classes
Theoretical classes
Lectures using training presentations and IDF audiovisual materials
Online test filled in electronically after logging into the student's panel

What will you be entitled to after the course?

Upon completion of the IDF Advanced Nitrox Diver course you will be qualified to perform decompression dives to a depth of 50 meters with one side cylinder containing nitrox to 100% oxygen.

IDF Certificate

Upon completion of the training, you will receive an internationally recognised certificate confirming your qualifications. It is a plastic card with a unique number and watermark. In addition, you will have lifelong access to an individual panel on the IDF website, where your certificate will always be available in electronic form - in case you ever forget to take the original with you for diving.

What next?

There are many opportunities after completing the IDF Advanced Nitrox Diver training. One of them is to continue this path, where the next step is to increase the depth limit to 55 meters and at the same time add another side cylinder with another decompression gas using the IDF Extended Range Diver training. This, however, is not the only possibility that you have.  The ability to use the side cylinder and to conduct accelerated decompression will also allow you to join the Advanced Wreck training, where one of the key skills is to penetrate wreck interiors, but also to perform decompression dives in difficult conditions. Starting the adventure with technical diving is a pass to another world – it is worth trying out many possibilities to follow the path you will like most.

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